Sunday, December 29, 2013

Srimad Bhagavad Gita – III – 1 and 2

Work and giving up its results

Arjuna Uvacha

Jyayasi Cheth Karmanaste Mata Buddhir Janardhana|
Tatkim Karmani Ghore Mam Niyojayasi Keshava|| 
Vyamishreneva Vakyena Buddhim Mohayaseeva Me|
Tadekam Vada Nischithya Yena Shreyohamapnuyam||

Arjuna, after hearing Sri Krishna talk about the importance of right knowledge over action, says, “When you say knowledge is more important than action, then why do you push me into such gory action, O Keshava?
With a friendly nudge Arjuna criticises Krishna of confusing and deluding his intellect with conflicting statements and ideas, “So please tell me one thing clearly by which I may attain the best welfare in life, “ he pleads. – SS

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