Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bhagavad Gita - II - 68

Senses drawn inward

Tasmad Yasya Mahabaho Nigrihitani Sarvashaha|
Indriyanindriyarthebhyaha Tasya Prajna Pratishtitha||

Having mentioned in the earlier verse about how the mind goes to where the senses go, Sri Krishna says that he is a man who has his intellect firmly rooted in the truth, who has all his senses drawn and is in full charge of them. - SS.


Anonymous said...

greetings and thank you madam for the posts. can u please explain a little more on 'the truth' in simple what ways is it different from that which one understands by the senses-touch,see,hear,smell or taste?
hope you would write a reply.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

The truth - cannot be explained. If at all explained it has to be done only in the simplest of languages! Why, because it is so simple. Eyes see. How do they see? A dead man's eyes do not see, even though the same images may be before them. Truth is that which makes the eyes see. It makes the ears hear, tongue taste and skin feel That does not mean when the person is dead, truth is gone. It is just that it assists in a different function on death of the body - decomposing happens in the presence of that same truth only. Truth is always present and independent while the senses are dependent on the truth for their functioning and survival.

Anonymous said...

glad to see fresh posts in 'bamboo wisdom','aham', 'thirumandiram' and 'vignana bhairava tantra'!!thanks!

are there any other blog sites that you write in? and on what 'treasure trove'?

where can we find those small slokas/prayers (with explanations) that accompanied your articles on Pathanjali's yoga sutras, published in the sunday editions of the indian express way back in march 2009 to november 2009?

can you also please write (if time permits)on the daily prayers recommended for chanting by children.
thank you.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Thank you Anonymous. At the moment, I am keeping only these four blogs updated, though there are a few others on the links Soulmate, Cosmic Consciousness and Between the Lines. You may go the the New Indian Express site and click on Search - Swahilya and hopefully find those columns, Namaste.